Publishes the status of devices to a MQTT topic and is able to set values based on subscribed topics.

It is possible to publish the status for single devices, or for devices which are tagged. Per publication you can customize the topic and decide if the message should be retained or not.


Make sure that the BaseModule is installed prior to installing this module.

The preferred way of installing this module is via the “ App Store” available in 2.2.0 and higher. For stable module releases no access token is required. If you want to test the latest pre-releases use ‘mqtt_beta’ as app store access token.

For developers and users of older Z-Way versions installation via Git is recommended.

cd /opt/z-way-server/automation/userModules
git clone MQTT --branch latest

To update or install a specific version:

cd /opt/z-way-server/automation/userModules/MQTT
git fetch --tags

# For latest released version
git checkout tags/latest

# For a specific version
git checkout tags/1.0

# For development version
git checkout -b master --track origin/master


Add an instance of the app through and fill in the details about your MQTT broker. After this configure for which devices you want to publish the status to MQTT. You can either configure this for a single device or for all devices tagged with a certain tag at once.

Defining the publication topic

You can define the topic used for publication. It’s constructed from the following parts:

  • Topic Prefix – The start of each topic
  • Topic – Per publication defined topic

In each of these you can use %deviceName and %roomName% as variables. For example having Foo/bar as prefix and %roomName%/%deviceName as topic can result in a message published on the topic Foo/bar/livingRoom/dimmer. Both %deviceName and %roomName% will be camelcased.

Interacting through MQTT

You can also publish to certain topics to interact with Z-Way. For this the two postfixes are used:

  • Status postfix (default: status)
  • Set postfix (default: set)

Taking the same example as before, when you publish an empty message to Foo/bar/livingRoom/dimmer/status the current value will be published again. When you publish a value (for example onoff or 87) to Foo/bar/livingRoom/dimmer/set the dimmer will be set to that level.


I want to thank @goodfield for finding and fixing a fully JavaScript MQTTClient which I could use in this module as well. His module can be found at